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: The ability of self to actively relate with the world.

Barrier:  Response to trauma that separates self from ability to self-actualize through suspension of grieving process.

Bilateral:  Working on both sides of the barrier through a combined process of grieving losses and re-energizing I am through amplifying awareness of life force.

Grief (Grieving process): Innate process used to heal from loss through feeling and cycling of emotions.

Hierarchy of needs: Maslow’s model of needs that have to be progressively met in order to self-actualize.

I:  first person awareness of being alive (self).

I am: Subjective expression of life force.

Life force:  the energizing force found in all life

Profile (of trauma):
Visual representation of how response to trauma affects ability to meet specific needs of hierarchy of needs.

Self: first person awareness of being alive (I)

Self-actualize (ation)
: an individual’s innate drive to realize the potential of his or her deepest aspirations.

Loss of the ability to meet need(s) for self-actualization.

Trauma void
: Area of potential to self-actualize that is blocked from life force by barrier

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