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Sol Mogerman - The Story of Jude The Story of Jude. A Guide to Rehabilitation Counseling by Sol Mogerman
The true story, session by session, of a how a woman finds strength to overcome devastating loss and disability through her relationship with a rehabilitation counselor. The second part of the book discusses the ideas, attitudes and skills that the author engaged with Jude in their successful process of rehabilitation counseling.

Sol Mogerman - Objects in Mirror are Closer thna They Appear Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (Inside Brain Injury) 2nd Edition by Sol Mogerman
In this new edition Sol finds his way back to playing guitar after 20 years.

It has been twenty years since my brain injury, seven since writing of the story of my recovery, and four since its publication as ”Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”.  I have come to believe that there is no end to the process of recovery from brain injury and have experienced a remarkable and unexpected return of ability and sense of self since the first publication of this book.  The return of my seemingly lost ability to play the guitar happened to me in such an unexpected yet logical manner that I feel compelled to share the story of its restoration with my readership in this edition.   Therefore the Epilogue of the first edition is replaced by Chapters 33 - 41 in keeping with the revelation that recovery is an infinitely progressive process that only appears finite when one stops to look at it in retrospect.

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